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Journals from Spring Semester in Oaxaca, Mexico

2009-05-09 Palenque!

Hey! Its our last day in Palenque today. Were not going back to San Cristbal; instead, were going straight back to Oaxaca tonight in order to have a little more time to say goodbye, wrap up our classes, and get our things together. We havent seen any cubrebocas (face masks) here, but were going to wear them on the bus, just to be safe. They dont protect us from the flu; they only stop those who have it from spreading the influenza. Were using them to keep us from touching our faces; its better than nothing. It is going to take fourteen hours to get to Oaxaca: we leave at 5 oclock tonight and get into the city at around 7 tomorrow morning. We are pretty used to long bus rides, though, so Im sure it wont be anything new. Weve got our Dramamine, bus snacks and iPods, so were good to go. Weve went into the jungle on the border of Guatemala to explore an ancient site, Yaxchiln, and then we went to another really incredibly beautiful and lush site of a city called Bonampak. We werent able to go to Palenque, the archeological site, today because the Mexican government has ordered the temporary closing of all public areas, such as theaters, restaurants, and archaeological sites. We were going to go to some waterfalls named Agua Azul instead, but the bus that would take us back into Palenque was scheduled to come in too late, so we wouldnt have been able to make our bus back to Oaxaca. So, today were just having a relaxed day around the hotel, then class in the afternoon, and then were going to the bus station Almost to the end of the trip, but Ill write a little more before we leave for the States " Marina

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