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2009-05-03 Last three weeks

It is Sunday, May 3, and I just got back to Aix last night late from my spring break travels. I went to Croatia, Italy, and Slovenia " what a blast! Two weeks of traveling on my own and with friends entails too much to write in one journal entry, so suffice it to say I had a wonderful time and I love traveling! It is kind of weird to be back in Aix now, and to know that I only have three more weeks here. I will be traveling at the end of the semester, so it feels like I have a long time before going home, but at the end of three weeks I will be done with my semester abroad and gone from Aix. I spent a lot of time over the break talking with my friends Julie and Emma about how it feels to be finishing up, and we all concluded that it is bittersweet. On one hand, we are all very excited to go home, and our mounting homesickness makes these three weeks look daunting. But on the other hand we have had a wonderful semester here in France, and are sad to be ending this period in our lives. We have anticipated studying abroad for so long, and have been in such a whirlwind since arriving that it is hard to imagine it is coming to a close. I am looking forward to taking advantage of these last three weeks here in Aix, though, and know that I will savor every visit to my favorite boulangerie, or my favorite restaurant, or park. I have bought lots of presents for friends and family back home, and am so excited to get to share this place with them through those trinkets and my pictures and stories. I have so much to share from this experience! More soon, from my last weeks in Aix. Kari

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