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Journals from Spring Semester in Oaxaca, Mexico

2009-04-20 Weekend in Puerto Escondido!

Hola! Usually we have excursions every Friday; however, our class had a free Friday last week. So, of course, a few of us decided to go to Puerto Escondido! Most of the group went to Puerto over our Spring Break, but I decided to stay in Oaxaca to show my family around. So I went this weekend, and it was amazing! Almost everyone had already been there, so we already knew where to find the best beaches and the tastiest quesadillas and we stayed at an awesome hotel (with air conditioning! " a little rare) and went to some really cool little shops. We left Thursday night at 11 p.m. on the nine-and-a-half-hour long bus ride to Puerto. The beach isnt that far away from Oaxaca, but the road goes through the mountains and its not really the mostdirect route possible. Ive heard that a new highway is being built right now, and it will take only one-and-a-half-hours to get to Puerto. Ridiculous, I know. Amazingly, most of us all slept the entire way and got there at around 8:30 in the morning and had breakfast on the beach and watched some surfers. We spent the whole day at a little beach called Manzanillo swimming (the waves were pretty tame), sun bathing, drinking things out of coconuts and sitting under umbrellas in lounge chairs. And what a surprise, the next day we went to a little beach called Carrizalillo and did basically the same exact thing! We met a professor who spoke Nahuatl (an indigenous language that has been spoken in Mexico for centuries) who told us our names. Mine is Toatl, Linnaeas name is Calximm, and I cant remember the others names. He taught us some basic phrases, too. On Sunday, we left around noon and took a camioneta (a touring van) back to Oaxaca. It was cheaper and took only 6 hours, but the roads were ridiculously curvy, so much so that we couldnt even sleep well, and half of us were pretty carsick by the time we arrived in Oaxaca. But anyway, now were back, and finishing up our Spanish class in time to go to Chiapas early on Friday morning. Oxsamal " (Bye in Nahuatl!) -Marina

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