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2009-04-20 Finals essays, Easter Break, and future plans

The last month of classes (March) flew by, and the very last week of classes most of the Linfield group was busy entertaining family or friends visiting on their American spring breaks. My older sister visited and it was so wonderful to have her around, to be able to show her the places that Ive written home about: The Cellar Bar; my poetry class; my favorite caf, etc. Two of my friends were celebrating their birthdays during her visit so I was able to show her some festivities of going out, Irish style. Mainly, we went out to a dance club (which I doubt she had ever done) and got to see my friend smothered with 21 kisses (by friends and strangers) for her 21st birthday. : ) After she left, I had to crack down on my essay writing. In the past three weeks Ive written seven essays. The first one (about my experience as a poet for my creative writing seminar) was simple. But the following four were due on the same day, a Monday, and I ended up cramming it all in at the last minute (poor decision) and didnt get lots of sleep. I submitted them on time, though, and felt relieved to have them in. By then it was technically Easter Break. But because I still had two more essays due by the end of the break I didnt travel much. Most of us (from Linfield) were hoping to get out and travel, considering that it was Easter Break. We all found, though, that we had too much work to travel and not feel that stomach-pain of anxiety knowing that wed have essays and exams soon after we returned from vacation. Once everyones finished, theyre all going to travel Europe and Ireland. A small group is going around Italy and Spain, a couple girls are going to Scotland, some are going to London, and others of us (like myself) are planning on staying around Galway and Ireland to better know our friends who are around (Irish and American). The final two essays were long (3,000 words each) and they sucked up all of my social life. I am, however, officially finished with lectures and my essays now. I have six weeks of free time before I have to return to Oregon. Some friends were worried about me going stir crazy"because I didnt have work to do. Who are they kidding? Theres no way that I can go stir crazy with this free time. As a Creative Writing major I will need to write a thesis next year and I might as well start on that now that I have the time to do it. I have the options of writing a collection of poems, a short story collection, a novel, a screenplay, a stage play, a multi-genre collection the options are open. I dont have anything well-planned so I ought to experiment with the genres and start brewing some ideas. The weathers improving and the daylight has extended from 7 am " 8 pm so Ill have plenty of day to start my projects. If anyone needs me Im sure theyll find me in a caf or by the Salthill prom (the beach-y area of Galway) reading and writing. Happy spring! Sam Jordan

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