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2009-04-15 Paques & Nimes

This last weekend was Paques (Easter), and everyone was out enjoying picnics in the parks and spending time with family. I went to Mass Easter Sunday, not a practice I am used to, and sat in the icy old cathedral with hundreds of other attendees, and remarked on the beauty of the eclectic sanctuary and listened to the simplistic sermon given by the Archbishop. It was interesting to see how somber the service was, in comparison to the joyous and colorful Lutheran Easter services I am used to. It was an interesting and unexpected cultural experience. Monday was a national holiday for the Easter weekend, and so I went with a few friends to Nimes for the day. The town itself was almost entirely shut down for the holiday, but we got to eat lunch in the beautiful Jardin de la Fontaine, and to tour several of the famous Roman ruins that make the town famous. My favorite was the big Arena, where they still house annual bullfights. It was so cool! I couldnt help but imagine the Romans cheering on the gladiators " very surreal. And we lucked out and had a beautiful sunny day! And now this week I am getting ready to go on my spring vacation for two weeks " hooray! Kari

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