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2009-04-07 Spring family visit

It is April 7th, and my parents left yesterday to return home. They were here with me in France for almost two weeks! We had such a good time traveling around Provence (even though it rained most of the time!), and it was really hard to see them go. It was such a relief to see them " much like when my sister came, it felt like having a bit of home here with me. I love Aix, and France in general, but I often wish that I could have my family and friends here with me. The things I get to see and experience are so amazing, I want to share it all with them! My parents and I got to see countless little towns, beautiful (and delicious!) markets, Roman ruins and the beautiful Mediterranean beaches. It was a real joy to get to share that all with them. One real highlight was our visit to the Pont du Gard. It is an enormous old Roman aqueduct bridge, and because of the cold weather we were the only ones there. It was amazing! We also got to see a Trophy built for Caesar, that Caesar actually visited during his reign. It is so mind-blowing to be around that kind of history! On the last day of their visit the sun came out, and we drove to my favorite town of Cassis. There were TONS of people there, sunbathing on the beach and enjoying the terrace cafes. Every other time I have been there the town has been relatively empty, so it was quite a change! I really loved getting to show my parents my favorite town, and to just enjoy the warmth and beauty of the day with them. It was a terrific last day. More soon!

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