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Journals from Angers, France Spring '09

2009-04-06 Bienvenue

It has taken me several days to begin to organize my thoughts on all that I have done thus far in France. I have been in Angers for a week, but I have experienced so much that it seems like I have been here for much longer. I arrived safely in Angers after a long flight to Paris and then a train ride down to the Loire Valley (region of France) where my host dad, Bernard, picked me up and drove me to my new house. I was immediately struck by the citys bustling streets, the beautiful architecture, and the strangeness of it all. For some reason, I am still a little baffled by the tiny cars that speed through the streets. They seem more like playskool toys than cars. I was quite glad that I didnt bring any more luggage than I did due to the fact that my duffle and backpack filled up the little car. I am gradually experiencing the frustrations of not being able to sufficiently express myself verbally. Although I understand the majority of what others say, I am still finding it difficult to communicate in return. I am hoping that the start of my courses will help me to expand my vocabulary and strengthen my speaking capabilities. However, it is only a matter of time, patience, and the ability to make plenty of mistakes that will allow me to improve. All in all, I am so excited and thankful to be here. One of the American students that I live with, Katelynn, and I often take walks and remind each other how amazing it is to be here. We are surrounded by such beauty, both in the places that we go and in the people that we meet. All of this makes up for the difficulties of being in a new place. There is still so much that I have yet to learn and experience.


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