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Journals from Spring Semester in Oaxaca, Mexico

2009-03-29 Spring Break!

Hey! Thought Id give you guys an update on Spring Break. Sounds like there are a lot of tourists at Puerto Escondito, but some of the Linfield kids are headed to Huatulco, a smaller beach town about an hour away from Puerto Escondito. Ive heard its really a great place, and a favorite among Oaxacaans. My family is here; today were going over to Monte Albn, the site of an ancient Zapotec civilization. Yesterday we went to the Botanical Garden in Oaxaca, and saw a one-thousand year-old cactus. Its endangered and they transplanted the cactus from another place in the state of Oaxaca. When they were transporting it, they had to cover every single spike with a little ball of newspaper (and this cactus is HUGE) and its a little unbelievable, but really awesome they did it. The weather is getting warmer here. Its usually pretty chilly at nights, but lately its been perfect. Oaxaca has been on the receiving end of some of the effects of global warming, as have Chiapas and many other areas. In Oaxaca, many people have told me that the rain patterns have changed and theres been much more rain in September and October. Oaxacas rainy season is June, July, and August, but it usually doesnt rain too much in the months following, so many people have noticed. Also, just an observation: every Oaxacans been saying how hot it is during the day, every day! I am suspicious that the daily temperature is increasing, much more than before. Also, yesterday my host dad was telling me that the average temperature used to be around 24-25 degrees Celsius, and now its around 30. I hope you liked the few random observations I have had lately, Ill write more later on " -Marina

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