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Journals from Spring Semester in Oaxaca, Mexico

2009-03-22 Plans for Spring Break and Diary of A Madman

Hey! Everyones been having a great time in Oaxaca. Spring break is coming up and most of the group is going down to Puerto Escondito, a beach on the Pacific Coast. The past couple weeks have been intense with schoolwork, so everyone is super excited for heading to the beach, or to the other places that theyre planning on going for the week. Ive seen a lot of really amazing pictures from the Puerto Escondito area of lush green landscapes, areas of protected land, and even a turtle museum. Also, it seems like there are a lot of little, less populated beaches that you can get to from Puerto Escondito for the day. As for me, my family is coming to visit tomorrow! They fly from Portland to Washington D.C., to Mexico City (I know, it makes no geographical sense) and then they are taking a bus from Mexico City to Oaxaca! Im going to stay with them in a small hotel in downtown Oaxaca and maybe take them to Monte Albn, Hierve el Agua, and some small pueblas outside of Oaxaca. Last night Kieren and I went to a play, Diario de un loco (Diary of a Madman, a book written by Nikolai Gogol). It was so small that we sat on little chairs on the stage, right in front of the actors. But when the main character, Poprishchin, came on stage, Kieren and I realized at once that he is a Spanish instructor at our institute! Our group from Linfield was divided into two Spanish classes, one for lower-level students, and one for higher-level, and he was the instructor for the lower level class! It was definitely strange seeing him acting out a character in a book Ive read, but the play was great and funny (and cheap!! 50 pesos, so around $3.50!). Anyway, Im going to head out to spend some time with my Oaxaca family, so Ill write more soon- Marina

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