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2009-03-20 Midterms and Prague!

I cant express how quickly time is flying here. The last two weeks were pretty hard for me, as I hit the two month slump of feeling homesick and all-around tired. It was especially hard to keep my spirits up as I studied for midterms, which were really hard! To give us something to look forward to, my friend Julie and I decided to go to Prague for the weekend right after our last exam last Friday we just needed to get out of town for a bit. And what a blast! I wont write much about Prague itself, but I do want to share my experience meeting other travelers. We stayed at a great hostel (Sir Tobys) and spent a lot of time getting to know and going out with other guests from all around the world. We made dinner with two girls from Australia and Germany, we played monopoly with a guy from Nigeria, and we went to a pro hockey game with about 10 other people from all over! It was so much fun to get to know other travelers, and to hear their experiences. There arent too many circumstances in which you can easily become friends with someone knowing youll never see them again. I had so much fun in the process, and I really took a lot away from that experience of joining together with other strangers to share a common experience. It was a highlight of my travels so far. And now, I am glad to say, I am happy to be back in Aix! The sun is really starting to shine here, and I have finally shed my wool coats and mittens. I can already tell spring here is going to be beautiful! More soon, Kari

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