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Journals from National University of Ireland, Galway

2009-03-19 Social Life and Eating Out

Most days I prepare my own meals. I eat oatmeal with cinnamon, raisins, and sugar for breakfast. For lunch Ill eat something with bread (nutella and bread; pasta sauce, cheese and bread; salami and bread) and for dinner spaghetti or soup with a couple vegetables. I snack on biscuits (cookies) and oranges and apples and carrots and toast. What I make is sufficient, but it is always nice to go out for snacks or meals or drinks. There are several American food chains here: McDonalds, Dominos, Papa Johns, KFC (I havent actually seen a KFC, but Ive seen ads for it), and a Burger King coming soon! In addition to the familiar fast food places, weve seen new ones, too. Supermacs is by far our favorite. Its like a McDonalds but has terrific frieserr chips. Curry, taco, garlic, coleslaw, cheesemmmm. Ive tried the curry, taco and garlic and cheese chips. My favorites the taco chips, but Ive heard that the garlic chips are many peoples favorites. Aside from fast food, my friends and I like to go out to the pubs. Most pubs are restaurants (i.e., they serve food) until 8 pm, then they become more like a bar serving strictly alcohol. Theres a very cozy pub called The Front Door that we go to most often. Weve ordered garlic bread and mochas and desserts and smoothies before, in addition to our late night beer orders. Late nights at the Front Door are crowded, energetic and fun. Youre always guaranteed to meet someone new if you seek them out. Another place of mine thats a favorite is the Cellar bar. Downstairs each Wednesday night they host an open mic where many students play guitar or banjo and sing. One of my friends tries to play there regularly, and even I have entertained the audiences. Its a great gig because if you perform you get a voucher for a free beer"nothing beats a free pint. Going out for a pint is the social thing to say, or lets go for coffee (except the times normally later at night). And its allowable to go out without buying any alcohol, but make sure to buy a soda or ask for water just so you feel more in place with a glass in front of you. Or, if youre finding yourself getting low on cash around March, you can always give up drink for Lent, and youll be excused from buying alcohol for a month and a half. : ) (Currently Im working on giving up chocolates so difficult!) Happy feasting! Sam Jordan March 2009

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