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2009-03-02 Vacance d'hiver

Its already March 2nd! For the past week and a half I have been traveling France with my sister, Emily, for my Vacance dhiver. We had such a great time! I first went to Nice to join in the festivities of Carnaval with two friends. We spent an incredible weekend watching parades and buying food at markets and dancing in the streets with the crowds of people who were celebrating with us. What fun! I then traveled to Paris with my friend Kaitlin who is living there, and met Emily in front of Notre Dame to start our week of travels. I cant even express how much fun we had, or how good it was to see her. I have gotten used to only talking with my family every once in a while on the phone (not an easy thing to get used to!), but seeing her lifted a huge weight from my shoulders. It was such a relief to get to share France with her! We saw the sights of Paris, went to Avignon, I showed her around Aix-en-Provence, and we finished the trip in Cassis, which is a magical beach town that I hope to take all my family and friends to some day. The take home moment of the trip for me was when I took my sister to my apartment in Aix to meet and have dinner with my host mom, Ginou. Emily does not speak any French, and Ginou does not speak a word of English, so I spent the entire evening translating conversations back and forth between the two. It was so much fun to be able to test my language like that! I really felt like I had a handle on French that night, and felt confident in my ability to express all that was being said. It was so much fun! It was pretty funny too, to watch as Emily was stuck sitting silently at the table with Ginous friend while I helped in the kitchen. And what AMAZING FOOD! It was a wonderful vacation! -Kari

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