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Journals from Russia 2009

2009-02-06 Hospice in Pskov

One of our highlights in Pskov was visiting a hospice. We learned that hospice started in 1990 in Russia by an Englishman named Victor Zora. Pskov was the second city to have hospice. St. Petersburg was the first. The hospice we toured was under a lot of construction because the building used to be a kindergarden. It's amazing that a building that used to hold students is now being transformed into a hospice that is providing care for patients with cancer and other diseases. This year they are celebrating their 15th anniversary. There are 37 patients currently at the hospice, and they are planning to build more rooms to hold more. The patients are very well taken care of. They are provided 5 meals a day and the care given by the nurses is very focused on the patients' needs. It was amazing to see how hard they have worked with the limited funds provided to build the hospice, and seeing the progress that has been made was incredible. ~Celia and Ali

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