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Journals from Hong Kong 2008

2009-02-03 Waking from a Dream

Now that Ive been back from my study abroad for a little over a month, Hong Kong feels like a dream. It was so much fun and went by so fast that it almost doesnt seem real. Hong Kong was above and beyond my expectations. It was a city that was easy to adapt to. It didnt take long to figure out the flow of the city and to have a feeling of belonging. It was a place full of history thats mixed with the most modern and advanced technology. No matter what time of day it is, the city hums with life and activity. With easy and inexpensive transportation, it beckons to be explored. On top of all this, I never felt unsafe or threatened by my surroundings. My study abroad experience was a dream come true and better than I could have expected. The night before flying home, my friends and I went to Victoria Peak for the last time. At night the city glows with prosperity. From the high vantage point the buildings in the city center seemed to reach for something better than the ground they were planted on. As I looked down at the splendor of it I couldnt help feeling sad about having to leave. For four months I had felt at home but now it was time to move on. I came to Hong Kong without knowing much about Hong Kong or China. I was a newbie in every way to this part of the world but now I know so much. I would highly recommend this study abroad location because it has so much to give to those who are willing to open themselves to it. Saying good bye to Hong Kong was like saying good bye to a good friend, a friend I will never forget. -Alyse Newby

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