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2009-02-02 Classes

Class registration is quite different here than at Linfield. There are two types of classes: lectures and seminars. Lectures tend to be larger and are open to large groups of students, and seminars are smaller and have reserved amounts of space for NUIG students and international students. I think that most of the Linfield group is taking lecture classes, because theyre easy to register for. I, on the other hand, was highly interested in taking an English seminar class. There are loads of choices (61 actually), but I can only sign up for one. My top choice was Creative Writing: Poetry, but others include Contemporary Irish Poetry, 20th Century Fiction: Childrens, Contemporary Irish Writing and a few more. I picked out several options because I heard that it is difficult to get into the class. The process for international students to get into an English seminar is to queue before the registration time of 9:00 am. But because these classes are so competitive (there are three spots per seminar) people begin to queue as early as 2 am. I knew that I would be doing something ridiculous like this, but I didnt have any friends going, until Megan informed me that her roommates were going to do this. We left our apartments at 5am this morning and walked across the icy bridge to campus. (It was a beautiful morning. serene. no wind. no rain) We arrived at the building and there was a small group of people waiting already. We signed our names on a paper and numbered ourselves off. I was 60. The girl at the front said she got there at 2 am pretty ridiculous. Even more ridiculous was that she was peppy and was dancing around under her blanket to her music playing from her laptop. As the morning became more like morning (i.e. there was some sunshine) more people gathered and Id say that my acquaintances and I beat the rush. At 8 am a man began calling names off the list and giving out a ticket with a number on it. Once we got those numbers we didnt have to sit in the cold anymore, but could leave for a warm room as long as we came back at 9 in time to register. We went to the cafeteria and sat in there and made a list of classes that we wouldnt mind taking because after hearing that each seminar only had three slots, we thought our chances were slim (even though there were so many classes). Anyway, we returned at 9 and waited in line again, and one by one was escorted into a room of tables and papers. Most papers (which represented the classes) had only three spots available"true to the rumors, but some had more than that. I was very excited to find that no one had signed into my poetry class yet. I was the first to sign up and got into it!

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