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Journals from Russia 2009

2009-01-28 Our Last Day in Russia

Today is our last day in Russia. We've been in St. Petersburg for 5 days and we are leaving at 3:00 a.m. Our trip has been full of adventures and insights. The trip started in Moscow, where we traveled by metro and subway, to museums, cathedrals and other significant cultural sites. Next we took a 5-hour bus trip to Yaroslavl where we toured many health care facilities and we still found time to see the sites. We received a warm welcome from the medical community in Yaroslavl. After our Yaroslavl experience we went back to Moscow to catch an overnight train to Pskov. We spent 5 days in Pskov and had an equal mix of museums, monasteries, and health care sites. We went bowling to celebrate a birthday and treated ourselves to a nice Russian-Italian dinner. We took another 5 hour plus bus ride to arrive in St. Petersburg. The first image that caught our attention was the Neva River. The temperature is below freezing, which freezes the surface of the river. But underneath the river flows strong. This gave the ice on the river an appearance of a sidewalk that was uprooted by an earthquake. Our experience in St. Petersburg and Russia has been unforgettable, and we feel privileged to have the opportunity to be exposed to Russian culture. We will end our experience by waking up at an unforgivable hour and driving through the icy streets to finally be jetlagged in Oregon. Josh and Sami

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