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Journals from Russia 2009

2009-01-28 St. Petersburg School of Nursing

Our visit to the School of Nursing was very enjoyable. The students and faculty were very open to answering our questions and we were able to share nursing experiences between our two cultures. This pictures shows only three of the seven students who came to talk with us. This school comprises some of the brightest students, all of whom are dedicated to helping others. We learned that in most areas the nurses' and doctors' salaries are not much more than those of the people who work cleaning the streets. We did find, however, that the medical profession fares much better in St. Petersburg than in other cities. This will be my last post, as we leave at 2:00 a.m. for the airport. It has been an incredible journey, and we have learned much about the country and people of Russia first-hand, without all the distorted news items. I believe the Russian people were also able to gain a better perspective of Americans and accept what they saw, rather that what the news shows. Our group was respectful at all times and I feel we left a lasting good impression about our country, at least to those who got a chance to meet us. Ahhhhh, but it will be so good to be home! Anne Prantl

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