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Journals from Russia 2009

2009-01-26 Visiting the School for the Disabled in Pskov

The disability school that we visited in Pskov was uplifting. It was a school designed completely for developmentally disabled children from ages six to eighteen. The school had classrooms divided primarily by developmental level. The children were engaged in a variety of learning activities such as horticulture, cooking and physical activities such as skiing. These activities are designed to help the students learn skills that are needed for independent life. The goal of the school was to help the students to learn to live on their own and function in society. Although not all children will reach a functional level which will them to live independently, they all learn valuable skills. The school was a rewarding place to visit. The children and teachers embraced us with smiles and open arms. It was a great reminder that a small group of people can make a huge difference. Kelsey and Allison Get off please :)

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