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Journals from England 2008

2009-01-21 Final Words

Sitting here on my last night in Nottingham, Im finding it difficult to reflect. I wanted to leave some words of wisdom for next years group, but I feel like there are big points that Im missing. I guess Ill realize what those things are when Ive been at home for a while. Thats what happened when I first came here and what I think Ive gained the most from my study abroad experience: perspective. Perspective on the U.S., and Linfield and myself, and this is something Im extremely grateful for. Anyway, heres what Ive come up in terms of advice, aka, ways of making the most of Nottingham University: -During Week One, always leave your door open. As is true of freshman year anywhere, its the best way to meet your neighbors. -Be proactive in seeking out new people to meet. Join societies and definitely participate in the activities planned for international students during welcome week. As study abroad students yourselves, youll have a lot more in common than you think. -TRAVEL. Take advantage of Nottinghams central location. Buy a youth rail-card and see the country around you. Every place is new and different, and I havent regretted a single trip Ive made. -Customer service isnt as, shall we say, in your face over here as it is in the States, so always ask for help when you need it. This goes for when you are traveling as well as when youre at the university. As a few of us found out the hard way; there will be aspects of assignments that professors will assume students already understand and that will inevitably go unspoken. -Alcohol plays a big part in the English social scene, but in order to have a good time you dont need to match other students drink for drink, which never ends well. Know your limits and what youre comfortable with. -Bring scarves, several of them, at least. -Pack light--youll need the extra space on the way back. -Sainsburys. Tesco. The Co-operative. Caf Nero. Carphone Warehouse. The Indigo bus line. Primark. Zara. Remember these names; theyre all worth a visit/ride. All right, hopefully these points provide a little insight. If not, Im sure in a few months Ill know the right words to say! Thanks for reading all these months! ~Claire

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