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2009-01-19 Flooded with Work I am Liberated by A Mountain

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Its getting colder now; the air is dry and crisp and on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji if youre in the right place, usually from a higher vantage point, when the sun is low. It's how I look forward to the break and the possibility that I might get to see Fuji or maybe some other places right up close and personal. It might even be nice to climb Fujisan, though I hear that in the winter the hike to the summit is closed. Maybe the whole thing is closed to hiking--who knows? Anyway, Ive finished my last paper and I have only two finals left to go after which I should be able to dent the surface of 6 pages of email that have piled up over the last month. My grandmother is waiting for me to Skype later today and my brother has sent a Facebook message asking if Ive gotten lost. Well, I may have disappeared off the face of the earth for 2 weeks, but Ill be back.

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