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Journals from Rikkyo, Japan

2009-01-19 Kyoto

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Linfield Journal #3 Kyoto Kyoto was nice! Alex and I went down there to brag about how wonderful Linfield is. The hope was to get more students at Kyoto Bunkyo University interested in studying abroad, especially at Linfield. The talk was well publicized across the campus, which made me nervous, until only 3 students showed up. At least one of them seemed to be a promising prospect. This time of the year is busy in Kyoto; by this I mean packed with tourists. Its the time that the leaves are changing to their brilliant colors of red, yellow and orange. In Japanese this change is called kouyou. On our shinkansen (bullet train) ride down to Kyoto I got my first glimpse of Mt. Fuji. I went picture crazy for about a half an hour until I realized that I had used up half of the juice and I hadnt brought my charger. Smart! After that, a quick nap and we were there and immediately the difference was clear--the distinction between Tokyo and Kyoto, that is. Still busy, but more relaxed, the people were more friendly and the air more fresh and clean.

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