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Journals from Russia 2009

2009-01-09 A Visit to the U.S. Embassy

Our group had the extraordinary chance to visit the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia. Peter, Dr. Tongs former student and friend, was able to give all 14 of us a tour of the health clinic inside. We met Peter at the Metro station and walked to the Embassy, allowing us to walk beside one of Stalins Seven Sisters and view the Russian White House in the distance. At the gate, Russian military soldiers collected our passports and escorted us inside the door. Within the entrance, we were given visitor badges in exchange for their keeping our passports. We also had to have our bags x-rayed, walk through a metal detector and we had to turn in our cameras. We werent able to take any pictures inside! The extent of the security measures seemed strange considering that we were technically standing on U.S. soil and the Russian government was conducting the security. The compound was well contained with a store, bank, swimming pool, restaurant and gym. Our short time at the Embassy provided us a small glimmer on what it is like to live as a foreign service officer. Thank goodness we have great people working throughout the world to protect American citizens.

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