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Journals from Hong Kong 2008

2008-12-16 Season Greetings from Hong Kong!

Season Greetings from Hong Kong! Its true that there is no place like home for the holidays. Hong Kong is strikingly different than America during Christmas. There are some decorations, but not many; Christianity is not important so the decorations are trees and bells and presents. Christmas music isnt lurking around every corner waiting to ambush you. Instead of having TV and advertisements chase me around to buy their products, I get physically chased down the street by street vendors trying to sell fake watches and knock off brands. Silver bells are replaced by karaoke style Chinese singing in the subways and there is no such thing as Silent Night in this metropolis of 7 million people. One of the other American students and I were able to organize a White Elephant gift exchange which was fun because none of our European friends even knew what it was. Although it will be sad to miss my traditional family Christmas, being abroad for this season is a uniquely awesome experience. -Alyse Newby

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