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Journals from Costa Rica Fall 2008

2008-12-12 El Fin (The End)

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A picture of us after snorkeling in Cahuita awhile back

Well, today is December 12th, which means we have been in this country for 106 days. Time has flown by, as everyone said it would. Thinking back on all of the amazing things weve done, though, you can piece together where all of those days went. These experiences have made memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Not only our grool (great + cool) giras, but also the hilarious times weve shared with each other and the great ones with our families (I feel like Vitamin C Graduation should be playing in the background right now). Staying with a host family is a bizarre concept, meeting these people and then being accepted as one of their own for the next 4 months of our lives. Fortunately, though, it seems to have worked out for us, and weve made friends that we can keep in contact with for the rest of our vidas (lives). Its always good to have friends in foreign countries (and Low Places). This world that we have been living in almost feels imaginary. When the first foreigner came here during Thanksgiving break, it was so strange to see a familiar face. Its like this is just our little orb, and who knew that outsiders could penetrate it? Thinking back on some of the things we did, like hiking through jungles and riding in a boat on a river filled with crocodiles, (or walking across rivers full of crocodiles in the case of some), looking down into the craters of 2 different volcanoes, swimming in 2 different oceans, a lake, and a river full of pure water all of those things just seem fake. Like really, we did all of that? This is a babbly weird entry, but I am honestly just trying to figure out how it is possible that we will be back in the United States of America in 3 short days. Things will be different when we get home, thats for sure. Rice and beans will be replaced with Mac and Cheese, walking with driving, house phones with cell phones. It will all be back to normal, but Im thinking it wont feel all that normal at first. The one thing I do hope is that the concept that less is more will stick with us. Or that it at least rubbed off on us a little. In my opinion, going abroad is an amazing, perspective-changing experience that everyone should have the chance to take advantage of. However, I dont think its for everyone. But for those of us that do choose to take this risk, the benefits are innumerable. Studying abroad opens ones eyes to the rest of the world, to the fact that there are so many countries yet to see, so many cultures yet to understand, and so much more to learn. Thanks, Linny, for making Study Abroad one of your priorities so that we could all have this opportunity. (And setting it up so that our credits transfer perfectly!) Well. Thats all she wrote here in the Rich Coast. Summary of this experience: GO ABROAD (if you can). You wont regret it! Paz Fuera and Pura Vida, SALLIE Ps. Paz fuera doesnt really translate but we use it anyway to say Peace out!

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