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Journals from Costa Rica Fall 2008

2008-12-02 NiCARAGUA y mas

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In front of a pretty lake in Nicaragua

Dearest Online Journal, I am so sorry that it has been so long since Ive written. I do have good excuses, though. Things have been crazy ever since we got back from Nicaragua. Tons of homework, projects, celebrations, a week off for Thanksgiving; its been chaotic to say the least. And by chaotic I mean Costa Rica style, aka not really chaotic at all. Lets backtrack Nicaragua: an amazing trip. We all absolutely loved it. Some of the highlights: the city of Granada, a city that was under Spanish control and is therefore colonial and beautiful. Great food, and we got to go on a tour of the city with a guide to learn the history. Fun fact: it used to be frequently attacked by pirates! I was very excited and amused by that fact. Other highlight: we got to go on a boat ride through Lake Nicaragua and ate lunch on one of the islands (There is a community that lives on the islands, and there is a school on one of the bigger islands as well- super interesting). There was a pool on our island that we got to swim in and some of us swam in the lake too- way cool. Ceramics: we got to go to a place where they hand-make ceramics and some of us were able to try- way harder than it looks. Also, we got to buy ceramics there for waaaay cheaper than they are here in Costa Rica. The capital city of Managua: very poverty-stricken, yet with much historical background. On one of our stops we got out and were immediately surrounded by a crowd of about 10 kids. It was sad, but at the same time they were so excited to see us and to walk alongside us and loved getting their pictures taken. Its just a very different world, and Ill leave it at that. A crucial fact we figured out about Nicaragua: the ketchup is real. Im not sure if Ive mentioned this yet, but the ketchup here in Costa Rica is weird, and its really sweet. So we were thrilled to find that Nicaraguans know how to do salsa de tomate. As for this past week, which we had free, surprisingly we all ended up going to the same place. Even those who had loved ones visiting them; we all ended up in Manuel Antonio. While there, we got to lie on the beach and try to get tan, a few of us took a surfing lesson, and we went on a cool hike through the national park, during which we saw monkeys, sloths, a turtle, raccoons, and iguanas. We also got the opportunity to go parasailing. Except for the extreme feeling of nausea that followed, that was a really cool experience. Now were back in San Ramn and are miffed at the fact that we only have 13 more days here. We cant believe how fast the time has gone by. We are just full of mixed emotions"are we supposed to be happy right now? Sad? Anxious? The best answer Ive received to that question is that we can be whatever we want. We are going home on December 15th whether were ready or not, so thats not something we need to worry about. Hasta la proxima vez, (Until next time), SALLIE

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