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Journals from Norway - Fall 2008

2008-12-01 Winter in Norway

Oslo is getting colder and darker. The short days are bright and frosty from 9 AM to 3:30 when the sun sets. I've seen a little snow, but not enough to stick. The roads are very icy, though, and hats and gloves are necessary. My class, The Aesthetics of Daily Life, finally finished Module one and I turned in my portfolio. Module two is an individual study. Basically, I have a month to write a 15-page paper on something related to the course. I'm excited to spend my last month working individually without a schedule. I plan on taking advantage of this time by traveling, continuing to explore my city, and being with my friends as much as possible. Since our class of international students is so close, we decided that during the individual study we would meet for dinner once a week. We already had an international dinner where everyone made something and we're planning a Christmas party. Speaking of Christmas, I went to the famous Christmas town in Norway. It's called Drobak and it's the home of the Norwegian Santa Claus and the famous post office where children from all over the world send their Christmas lists. Oslo is looking very festive these days as well. Down by the harbor all of the streets and shops are decorated. I recently took the subway to the last stop outside of Oslo and went hiking with a small group. We hiked to a Sognsvann Lake, which was entirely frozen. It was cold, but a great experience. You can't really go to Norway and not go hiking. Janelle Levesque

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