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Journals from Norway - Fall 2008

2008-11-05 Trip to Vienna

I just came back from Vienna! I had a week "off" from school and decided to visit my friends from Linfield in Vienna, Austria. Actually I was supposed to go to another city and study Urban Aesthetics for my class, The Aesthetics of Daily Life. I ended up taking pictures of urban art in subway stations and analyzing the cultural scene within the public transportation network that was interesting. The trip was great! The minute I got off the bus from the airport I met my friends and they welcomed me to Vienna. The first two nights I stayed at my friend Melissas host familys house. I hung out with all nine Linfielders! I saw their university and walked around the main parts of the city. Vienna is HUGE! Its the largest city in Austria " way bigger than Oslo. We went to a famous outdoor market. Thursday night we went to an opera for only 4 euros. The opera house was beautiful and although we didnt stay for the entire opera, it was nice to see. Friday was Halloween! We walked around the city all day. We shopped and I got some souvenirs. That night we were supposed to find a bar-crawl, but when we went to the first bar they said they stopped doing it months ago. So we just stayed there the whole night. It was a travelers bar. Almost every person there was young from Australia " so it was a lot of fun. Saturday morning we went to see Schnbrunn, the castle. Then we saw a famous church in the center of the city, the Stefansdom. We went inside and it was really beautiful. It was extravagant with gold and silver, statues, and candles everywhere. Outside of the church there was a parade of people celebrating All Saints Day. So people were singing opera in the streets and chanting the Our Father and the Hail Mary. We met up with two other girls and went to a famous graveyard. Aparantly Vienna is known for having fancy graveyards. We saw Beethovens grave and Mozarts memorial. We went at night, so all of the grave stones were surrounded by candles. It was really neat. That was my sightseeing day. I left early Sunday morning and came home to a white Oslo!!! Yeah " it snowed while I was gone! There was a lot at the airport, but it had all melted in the city. Its definitely cold enough to snow, though. Its been frosty all week, but the sky has been blue. So its coming! I really love Oslo. It feels like home " especially when I travel to other cities and return. I have a routine here and life is good. Janelle Levesque

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