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Journals from Norway - Fall 2008

2008-10-22 Daily Life in Oslo

Ive been in Oslo a little over two months now and I love it. I recently had the opportunity to travel to Germany. I traveled with a small group of friends. We rented a car and drove through the countryside. We stopped in four major cities and saw many famous historical sites. I really enjoyed seeing Germany, it was a great experience, but it made me appreciate the city of Oslo even more. Oslo is a very green city with many parks, lakes, forests, and of course, the harbor. It is more spread out and feels very open and clean. Weve had a lot of clear sunny days recently so Ive been exploring the city and finding things to do. One challenge is finding inexpensive or free entertainment. Its very difficult not to spend money My friends and I have gotten pretty creative. I really enjoy going on the ferries to the islands. If you buy the student monthly transportation pass the ferry rides are free! One day I went with some friends and rode the boats all around the different islands of the Oslo fjord. Another great place to go is to the new opera house. Its beautiful on a sunny day or at night when its lit up. Vigeland Park is very cool. Its about a thirty-minute walk from my student house so I go there a lot. Its especially nice right now because its autumn and all the leaves are orange. I paid to enter the Nobel Peace Center the other day and it was well worth it. Many of the museums are free and its nice to take advantage of that. My friends and I really like to walk up the shopping street, Majorstua, and also around the artsy district, Grunnerlokka. There are cheap cafes in Grunerlokka. Also, on the weekends there are lots of flea markets. There have been some international events down by the harbor. There were free concerts and festivals. Ive also been on the subway to Sognsvann Lake several times. Its a nice place to go to get out of the city. It is getting darker and colder here. Im really hoping for some snow before I leave in December. Janelle Levesque

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