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Journals from Norway - Fall 2008

2008-09-30 Trip to Bergen

I just got back from a weekend trip to a city called Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Bergen is Seattle's sister city! It's a beautiful place with colorful little houses in rows and cobblestone roads and a big fish market. The weather was really nice too. Apparently Bergen only gets 60 days of sun every year because its always raining. We got really lucky and had three of those sunny days! I went with three Dutch girls; Roos, Anouk, and Steph, two French boys; Romain and Thibaut, and Guillermo from Columbia. We travelled there by train because we heard that the train ride between Oslo and Bergen was the most scenic. We arrived in Bergen Friday around 3 pm and had time to find our apartment and look around the city. The apartment we stayed in was great! It was our cheapest option for seven people and had two bedrooms, a bathroom, a full kitchen, living room and dining room. It was really nice and centrally located. Saturday morning we took a bus to an island where very few people live. The view from the end of the island was great and it was nice to be away from city noise. Sunday we went up into the mountains that overlook the fjord. We took a bus from Bremen to Flam, took the famous Flam railway up further into the mountains, then biked down back to Flam. I thought I was going to die in Norway... We biked down extremely steep rocky switchbacks. Fortunately, after the steep rocky paths there were less steep, paved paths and amazing views through the mountains. We were biking past enormous green mountain walls; so close that my eyes kept making things shrink. It was a rush. Then we took a boat through the fjords and a bus back to Bergen. I feel like I finally got to see the more natural side of Norway. Janelle Levesque

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