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Journals from Hong Kong 2008

2008-08-26 A world Abroad

When you fly over the ocean, its hard to tell how high you actually are. The waves are deceptive and tell a different story from this height. They move and ripple and peak just as if you were 20ft above them. They are so convincing that its easy to lose yourself for hours straining your eyes to see something in the water, maybe a sailboat, or whale. With unconscious sick curiosity, I even look for a bright orange rescue raft or a swimming person. No matter, none of it can be spotted from this high, so you are left with the wonder of the enormity of the ocean: constantly moving and constantly changing despite its sometimes lifeless demeanor. Where does it end? The best answer is: a long way from home. The ocean says welcome to a world apart, welcome to a world removed, welcome to a world abroad. Today is August 25th, day one of this world abroad.

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