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2008-05-23 Friendly Norwegians

I heard that all Norwegians are shy and reserved and very hard to get to know. In my experience however I encountered a very different situation. The first friends I made in Norway were Norwegians. I think that Norwegians get a bad wrap but if you show interest in getting to know them and wanting to go out and be social you wont just find someone to hang out with you will find a true friend. Norway is very family oriented. There is a big focus on educating the youth and taking care of their children. Norwegian are very social people they like to go out and enjoy the night life as well as BBQ in the park as soon as there is a hint of sunlight. The friend that I interview is my friend Mike and he is from Northern England. Therefore the are few cultural differences. However he is more accustomed to going out more often on the weekend to big clubs. That might also be because he is a well known professional DJ. Norway is a great country that anyone even slightly interested in studying here should absolutely do it. There are some many opportunities and experiences to be had. Eric Phillips

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