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Journals from Spring Semester 08: Oaxaca, Mexico

2008-05-05 2 Weeks Left!

Last Friday we went with Professor Markens to Cuilapan (where he works in the INAH laboratories) and then to Zaachila (to visit a ruins site). It was really fun because Tiffany's parents also came with us in their own car, since they were here visiting. Getting to visit the INAH offices was incredible because I had never seen so many bone and ceramic samples in my life! :) This weekend we had our last excursion with Teresa Morales to Magdalena Jaltepec. It was about 1.5 hours from Oaxaca and we got there around 9:30am on Friday. This experience was pretty different from the other excursions, because there actually wasn't a fiesta taking place while we were there. Instead, we learned how to make tamales, met the Municipal Authorities, learned about the pueblos fiestas that they normally celebrate, and continued working in our presentation groups. We had an amazing opportunity to watch the "Juego de Pelota" which is an mixtec ball game that is played kind of like tennis, but without rackets. The town organized the game especially for us! We also hiked to the top of a large hill to see one of the sacred pre-Hispanic site of the town where they still hold festivals. Saturday we ate breakfast in the same place that we made the tamales, took a tour through the market that was being held, and then walked through the Community Museum that Teresa and her husband helped organize. We will be giving our presentations to Teresa this Friday as our final "examen". I can't remember if I've already given you the names and themes of the groups or not, but in case I didn't: The Role of Food in the Fiesta: Carly, Martha, Megan, and I The Role of Religion in the Fiesta: Janelle, Laura, Erica The Role of Women and Children in the Fiesta: Jessica, Tiffany, Melissa Our presentations will be on Power Point and will include information about our themes, but also about the organization of the fiesta in general. This week is our finals week and we'll have our Archeology final with Professor Markens on Wednesday, and then we'll be giving finals presentations in Professor Gomez's class on Tuesday and Thursday. It should be a busy week! Krista

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