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Journals from 2008 Semester Abroad in Galway, Ireland

2008-04-23 Observations

I was looking at some of the other journal entries and liked how Erica Reinhold had created a list of observations about Oaxaca. So, I thought I would do the same for Galway. Please note that these may not relate to everyone. 1. Smoking cigarettes is extremely popular, especially among the younger population. 2. The Irish do not like flavored tea. They strictly drink black tea with sugar and milk. 3. Society is not constrained by time. 4. People of all ages are knowledgeable about politics. 5. People do not say excuse me when they bump into you or want to walk around you. 6. It is legal to walk down the street with an open bottle of alcohol. 7. The Garda Sochna, Irish security force, is not armed. 8. The majority of women wear boots " flat or heeled " or flats. 9. Panini sandwiches are popular. 10. Generally, if you eat in a pub you have to order at the bar. 11. Gratuity is not customary. 12. Dogs are not on leashes. 13. Public transportation " buses, trains and taxis " is widely used by people of all ages. 14. Few individuals drive large vehicles like trucks, minivans or SUVs. 15. Post offices do not sell packaging material. 16. When parallel parking, it does not matter which direction you are facing. 17. Eggs are not stored in the refrigerator. 18. Rain jackets are not widely worn by the Irish. 19. Scarves are popular among men and women. 20. Perfume and cologne are heavily worn. 21. Alcohol is widely consumed day and night. 22. People are not as possessive about their property. It is not a big deal when someone borrows or consumes something without asking. 23. Holding the door open for others is not customary. 24. Spray deodorant is popular. 25. Oatmeal is not sold here, only porridge. 26. Bread is sold in full and half loaves. 27. People do not wear their seatbelts in cabs or buses. 28. Cursing is not blocked out on television. 29. Binders that are sold here have two rings, not three. 30. There is a littering problem. 31. Employees in stores will not assist you unless you ask for help. 32. Family is extremely important. 33. People do not have televisions in their bedrooms. 34. The majority of buildings are made out of stone, even houses. 35. In the library and reading room students will select a spot to work and keep it all day. So, they leave their stuff behind while they attend classes or take breaks. 36. People consume a lot of bottled water. 37. Cars have the right of way, not pedestrians. 38. Student discounts are widely given throughout Ireland at restaurants and department stores, as well as on public transportation. 39. Clubs and societies are extremely popular. 40. You are not rushed in restaurants. Often waiters/waitresses will not even bring the bill until you ask. Cheers! Victoria H.

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