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Journals from Spring Semester 08: Oaxaca, Mexico

2008-04-06 40 Random Observations

This is a list of some random observations that I have made, that really dont relate to anything. Of course, not all of them are true for everybody or in all cases. 1. The majority of people who have braces tend to be between 17 and 21 years old. 2. Everyone drinks refrescos (soda/pop) or agua con sabor (water with flavor) instead of regular, plain water. 3. Smoking cigarettes is very popular. 4. There are many markets, where one can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and meat for great prices. 5. No one really wears seat belts. 6. Policemen and taxi drivers will still hit on and whistle at you, even when on duty. 7. All the guys here know how to dance and actually like to do so. 8. Girls wear brightly colored clothing. 9. When people go out dancing, clubbing, or even out to dinner, everyone dresses up. Not just the girls, the guys do it too. 10. Even when its 90 degrees outside, people are still wearing long sleeve shirts and sweaters. 11. There is no speed limit and people like to drive really fast. 12. On the weekends a lot of families are playing in the park with their kids. 13. Globos (balloons) are very common. 14. Everyone honks his or her hornat everything! 15. It doesnt matter the age, a boy the age of 10 will whistle at you and look you up and down and so will an 80-year-old man. 16. They are very proud of their culture and know a lot about it. 17. Newspapers and magazines dont leave anything out. The covers will show people that have just been murdered or pictures of car accidents. 18. A lot of women wear heels every day, even when the streets are bumpy and constructed with cobblestone. 19. Vanilla ice cream tastes different here, but thats only because they use real vanilla. 20. A lot of the crafts in the market are overpriced, but if you know how to bargain, you can convince them to knock it down to something reasonable. 21. Many guys are gentlemen and will open doors for you and offer you their jackets. 22. There are a lot of cockroaches and ants. 23. Partying can take place any day of the week, at any time. 24. Cars, not pedestrians, have the right of way. 25. It is impolite to refuse something someone has offered you for free, like food or drink. 26. Eggs and milk arent stored in the refrigerator. 27. During the wee hours of the morning, there are people sweeping the streets. 28. Im told it is illegal to make-out in cars, even though people make-out on park benches and in other public places all the time. 29. Toilet paper is not flushed down the toilet; it is put in the wastebasket because the plumbing systems cant handle it. 30. The majority of people are generally very friendly and open about everything. 31. All the children here are absolutely adorable! 32. Perfume and cologne are used to the extreme. You can smell a person even though they walked past you 5 minutes ago. 33. Family is more important than anything else. 34. Watching telenovelas or soap operas is standard. 35. Women tend to do all the cooking. 36. Public transportation is commonly used and it is also cheap. 37. Most families either dont have ovens or just dont use them very often. 38. Stores have a lot of the same brand name items as in the United States. 39. The majority of streets are one-way streets. 40. Lime is used for a lot of things. It is used in lots of foods and as condiments for foods. If you have bug bites, they tell you to cut a lime in half and rub it over the area. If you are sick, you should drink some water with lime. Buenas noches, Erica Reinhold

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