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Journals from Semester abroad in Quito, Ecuador

2008-02-19 Life is what happens when you've made other plans

Hello everyone, It's been a while since I've written and you're probably wondering, like everyone at my college here in Ecuador, where I've been. It's a very difficult explanation, but I feel like I should give it anyway, because the events of the last three weeks have drastically changed my life and will mark all of my future entries. On January 31st, my fisherman fiance died in an accident on his company's boat in Alaska. His company flew me back to Seattle immediately so that I could be with my family and his family and act as interpreter between his family and the authorities. It was a long, complicated, painful process getting him from Alaska to Seattle, but he finally arrived and we had a funeral a week and a half after the accident. I then flew back to Ecuador, after missing almost two weeks of class. We're still waiting on the Honduran consulate's permission to send him home, and when we get it the company will fly me there so that I can be with his dad for the burial. I'll spend four or five days there, then come back to finish my semester here in Ecuador. The point is, I'm back in Ecuador, but I'm two weeks behind on homework and I'm slowly learning to navigate the world without Oscar, so it might be a while before I can write an entry that is particularly useful to anyone else and isn't just venting feelings. Thank you for your patience, take care of yourselves, Lily

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