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Journals from Spring Semester 08: Oaxaca, Mexico

2008-02-16 Only 9 days in...

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Dinner in México City

Hola! Today is our 9th day in Mexico. We spent the first 5 days in Mexico City and 2 in Puebla. One can see and feel the intense culture thriving here. Everywhere we went there were antique buildings, couples showing affection, and vendors trying to sell different items and food. While in Mexico City we visited el Museo Nacional Antropologa Historia, el Instituto Nacional Antropologa Historia, Templo Mayor, Palacio Nacional, Zona Arqueolgica de Teotihuacan and more. I think my favorite was Teotihuacn. The ruins/temples are fascinating. The view from the top of el Templo de Sol was breathtaking. While in Puebla we visited Ex-Convento de Santa Rosa, Ex-Convento de Santa Mnica, Museo Aquiles Serdn, Cholula and more. Mexican culture and history is truly amazing. I especially love how many traditions from long ago are still practiced. Today is our 2nd day in Oaxaca. On the bus ride from Puebla (approximately 4 hours and 40 minutes) all of us could feel our hearts about to jump out of our chests from sheer nervousness and excitement. The nervousness soon faded when I met my host family. I have two lovely parents and 3 brothers here in Oaxaca. They are making me feel more and more at home. The other girls feel the same way and today we all chatted about our families and how friendly and accommodating they are. Not only are our families friendly, but the people in Oaxaca in general. A few of us got a little lost on our way back from the zcalo, but an extremely nice man and his son walked us most of the way back to our homes. Im loving my time here so far and cant wait to start classes on Monday. Buenas noches! Erica Reinhold (2/9/2008)

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