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Journals from NUR 398 Health Care in China

2008-02-02 Bye Bye China

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Our fans from Rachel

Our last night in China was a very special one. We shared one last "family style" traditional Chinese meal while we reflected back on how fast the trip went and talked about our favorite parts. We tried our best to show Rachel, our national guide, how grateful we all were for her company and help during the trip. We bought her gifts, gave her Linfield gear and even performed a skit and song for her! She in turn gave each of us a Chinese fan, customized with each of our Chinese names written on ours. It was really a special gift to recieve. We exchanged words, not without a few tears shed, and made the best of our last night in Shanghai. The next day we all got on the long airplane ride back to America. I think that we were all very excited to be back home, but also regretful that the trip had to end so soon. I speak on behalf of all the ladies on this trip in saying that I think it was the experience of a lifetime. We all learned a lot and got to know each other as well as people from China, like Rachel. As Rachel would say "we feel very warm in our hearts." -Kristen

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