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Semester Abroad in Spain

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Gibraltar, Spain

Spain, a vibrant country rich in history and culture offers students the oportunity to experience the Spanish language at its very roots. Located in the south of Spain is the city of Seville. The 700,000 Sevillanos are known for their fierce pride for their city and is also known in the film industry because of its will preserved historical buildings. Tot the east 400 miles, is the port city of Alicante. This beautiful city is located along the Mediterranian Sea in the South East of Spain and is home to many historic castles and cathedrals. Sevilla and Alicante are also home to the Spanish Studies Abroad (formerly CC-CS).  These program locations are available to Linfield's Spanish majors only.

The Spanish Studies Abroad program allows students to attend classes in Sevilla or Alicante for the year or do one semester in Sevilla and the second semester in Alicante, all depending on the student's language proficiency. The difference is the program in Alicante is more integrated directly into the Spanish university. In Alicante the program starts off with a 3 week intensive Spanish language course and is followed by taking all of your classes with Spanish students in the Spanish education system. In Sevilla, students start at the Spanish Studies Abroad program site and then have the option of taking a semi-integrated program which consists of 2 classes in the University of Sevilla during the second semester.

Dates: The program in Spain, whether it is in Alicante or Sevilla is a year-long program. It runs from approximately the beginning of September through the end of May.

Curriculum: Students who study in Sevilla will take classes at the program site for one semester and then have the option of taking two classes second semester at the University of Sevilla. Students who study in Alicante students will take part in a 3 week intensive Spanish language course and then proceed to take all of their classes in Spanish with other Spanish students.

All participants are required to take or audit the appropriate level of Spainsh in the semester directly preceding their study aboad in Spain.

Selection Criterium: A minimum of two years of college-level Spanish (elementary and intermediate) is required. A minimum cummulative 2.75 GPA is required.  Preference is given to students with a 3.0 GPA in Spanish language.

To apply, candidates must be in good academic and social standing, having completed at least one semester at Linfield. Students cannot participate in both a semester abroad and January Term travel course in the same academic year without special permission from the office of International Programs.  It is highly recommended that students take TCCA 230 (Intercultural Communication: Global Perspectives) before participating in the program.

Housing: Students will stay with a host family.  

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