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Semester Abroad in Norway

End of our 1st day of "The Individual, Environs and Society."

Live and study in the land of the midnight sun! Choose from two locations.

Oslo is a dynamic city with a history ranging from the Bronze Age, Viking times, Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution and one of the leaders of the information age. The city sits on the beautiful Oslo Fjord where you can exlore many near-by islands. Activities range from museums, theatre and arts to hiking, skiing and snowboarding. Oslo & Akershus University College (AUC) is located in the downtown area of Bislett in a former brewery, where the scent of hops still lingers.

The county of Telemark in southern Norway, also known as "Norway in miniature," stretches from the glittering Skagerrak coastline to the magnificent Hardangervidda mountain plateau. International and exchange students study with Norwegian students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Bø, one of 4 faculties which constitute Telemark University College.

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Dates Fall semester classes begin the middle/end of August through mid-December. Spring semester classes run from the first/second week of January through the end of April/middle of May with final examinations in May/early June. Easter vacation is from Monday after Palm Sunday to Tuesday after Easter Sunday.

Location and Housing
AUC is the fourth largest public institution of higher education in Norway with approximately 17,000 students and 1,850 staff. The main campus is conveniently located in downtown Oslo, only a ten-minute walk from the harbor, commercial district and government offices.

Telemark UC has approx. 4,500 students with 1,400 studying at Bø. The town of Bø is centrally located in Telemark, just 2 hours by train from Oslo. It provides a unique environment, being a small student town where students from all over the world come together, representing approx. 20 different countries and 5 continents.

At both locations, the International Offices will assist international exchange students in finding student housing. Though not situated on campus, most housing is within walking distance. The arrangements are typically a single room with a shared living area, kitchen and bath with roommates. Students must supply their own linens and kitchen supplies and prepare their own meals.

Like the Willamette Valley, the weather in Norway improves drastically from January to June. Also, the month of May is important culturally in Norway (May Day, May 8-V.E. Day, May 17-Norwegian Constitution Day of 1812).

"Studying abroad is teaching me so much about the world, America, and myself. Oslo has taught me things I didn't know I needed to learn. Oslo has given me things that I can never give back to it. I will forever be in this city's debt, and we both are okay with that."    Laura Breshock '14

"When I arrived in Bø, Norway I had a lot of fear of the unknown and was tempted to stay inside my shell and comfort zone. But as the snow melted and winter turned to spring, I grew and blossomed. I have so much more confidence now at the end of my journey than I did at the beginning. I believe in my abilities and myself more strongly.  I am at peace with leaving as hard as it was. I had a wonderful five months in Norway. I made so many friends from all over the world and I went outside of my comfort zone to make new experiences and adventures. As the saying goes, 'Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened'."  Amber Hay '14

"A year ago today, I arrived in the place that shaped me into who I am today. Studying abroad in Oslo, Norway was the best thing I could of ever done for myself. I know I talk about it a lot, but all those who have studied abroad know exactly what I'm talking about. I met the best people in the world and my heart aches every day I'm not there. I hope sooner rather than later, I will be reunited with my diverse and amazing group of friends. I am so lucky that my fellow Linfielder Laura Breshock was there with me, because now, I consider her my sister. Thank you to Linfield for having a fantastic study abroad program. Norway, I miss you, but I'll be back before you know it." Erin Lasher '14

Websites: Oslo University College; Telemark University in Bø

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