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Study Abroad Information for Linfield Students

Semester Abroad in Korea

Getting ready to eat at a popular restaurant in Sinchon.

  • Study at Yonsei University in Seoul with students from all over the world.
  • Experience divided Korea by visiting Panmunjom in the Demilitarized Zone.
  • Visit the remains of the ancient capital of the kingdom of Shilla, located outside of Seoul.
  • Travel to other Korean cities, such as Taejon, Taego, Kyongju and Busan.
  • Choose from a large number of classes taught in English.
  • Learn Korean at beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels.

Korea is a perfect place to study the politics, economies, and communication systems of East Asia, the Pacific Rim, and the world. Seoul, being the capital city, is the political, economic, and educational center of Korea.


Dates: Approximately August 5 to December 23 for the fall program and February 23 to June 19 for the spring program.

Curriculum: Options include courses in four main areas: East Asian Studies, International Relations, International Business, and the Korean language. Classes for international students are taught in English.

Housing: Students stay in an international dorm on the Yonsei campus. Students prepare their own meals. Dorm residents are both Korean and international students. The main language of the house is English.

Quotes from Students
"My study abroad experience was the most important part of my Linfield experience. Being in Korea, I was able to meet people from all over the world. Also, because Korean customs are so different from home, I was really forced to learn a different culture. I really feel that going abroad has internationalized me. I can truly say I will never be the same."
- Nickolas Brown


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Linfield pays the cost of round-trip transportation from Portland International Airport for all eligible students.

Website:  Yonsei University

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