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Semester Abroad in Japan

Cleansing by washing our hands before entering the shrine. Shintaro again at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Kamakura's most important shrine. The floats Halloween with the Ibunka (International) club. Farm study program at Aso, Kyushu. Building a log cabin! Graduation and Japanese traditional dresses. Kalub, Tugba, and Clemont at Harajuku doing some exploring during our first weeks. The two Buddhas.

"I loved Japan, I benefited in so many aspects. Living abroad is a wonderful way to learn a language, culture and society. Not to mention I learned a lot about myself."
-Anne Caffall




  • Fall only: late August - mid-December

Rikkyo, AGU, & Doshisha

  • Fall: mid-September - late January
  • Spring: early April - early August



  • Japanese Language Coursework
  • IDST 035 - Perspectives on Japan - 1 credit (Pass/Fail)
  • MLJP 306 - Japanese Culture and Society - 3 credits
  • MLJP 307 - Japanese Political and Economic Institutions -  3 credits

Rikkyo, AGU, & Doshisha

  • Intensive Japanese language study
  • Select courses designed for international students which are taught mostly in Japanese and require a high level of Japanese language proficiency
  • AGU list of courses taught in English

Language Prerequisites


  • One year of college-level Japanese, two years preferred
  • Required to take or audit appropriate level of Japanese semester prior to studying abroad

Rikkyo, AGU & Doshisha

  • Two years of college-level Japanese is required for Rikkyo
  • Required to take or audit appropriate level of Japanese semester prior to studying abroad



  • Combination of university housing and homestay with Japanese family

Rikkyo, AGU, Doshisha

  • Residence halls arranged by Japanese university

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