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Semester Abroad in Hong Kong

Big Buddha atLantau Island.

Spend a semester in Hong Kong, the financial and international trade center of China.  In this, one of the most international vibrant cities, people from all other world gather together. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city that combines traditional Chinese culture and 21st century life. View one of the most famous panoramas in the world from Victoria Peak. Visit one of the world’s largest outdoor Buddhas on nearby Lantau Island. Hong Kong people always show their amazingly robust energy and passion.  With HKBU’s students’ warmness and passion toward all the overseas exchange students, expect to be swept up into the many on and off campus activities. Hong Kong is a good representation for the virtue of Ren () in Chinese philosophy – Confucianism, where people show an obligation of altruism and humanness for other individuals wihin a community. 

In addition, it is not surprising in Hong Kong to find food from all over the world. Thus, no one should be worried about finding proper meals for oneself. Besides a variety of American food, you can also try delicious food from places such as some Asian and European countries for affordable prices. You will enjoy being immersed in varied cosmopolitan perspectives! 

This is a direct exchange program, so every year students from HKBU will study at Linfield for a semester or year.  Check with in order to meet them personally and ask questions about their school and country.

Credits taken on this program may apply towards a Chinese Studies or Asian Studies Minor.  Contact Professor Chris Keaveney for further details: or call 503-883-2584.

Dates: Students may choose either a fall semester or a spring semester. Fall semester runs approximately from the last week of August through December 20. Spring semester runs from approximately mid-January through the end of May.

Curriculum: Students select from a wide curriculum taught in English at HKBU. There are also optional, faculty-led opportunities.

Housing: Students live in an international dormitory during their study at HKBU.

Quotes from Students (also read student blogs at

“I learned that patience is the best virtue to have when meeting new people, especially people abroad. Miscommunication is always going to happen and will happen 5x worse if you cannot speak the same language fluently. But, it will pay off in the end because with patience can come understanding.”
-Alyse Newby

“Living in an Asian country as well as traveling throughout SE Asia, I learned how much stuff is irrelevant to survive in life. Studying abroad in a new country and new culture, I have learned to become more independent … you can only rely on yourself. Mom and Dad aren’t there to rescue you.”
-Jason Kintz

“When a few of my friends from Linfield said it would change the way I looked at life I didn’t believe them. I have become a different person in a good way by being in this type of environment with Hong Kong locals and exchange students. I am so glad I picked Hong Kong. It has been such a great experience and one I will always remember. Every student who goes to Linfield College needs to study abroad. It’s a once in a life time opportunity that will change the way life is lived. I have come out a better person with real world knowledge just by living in a country completely different than my own. Having a wide range of knowledge about other parts of the world can only benefit one’s life.”
-Daniel Hellinger

Website: Hong Kong Baptist University

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