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Semester Abroad in France

Linfield College has entered into partnerships with two institutions in France as program options for minors and majors in French, as well for non-language majors who wish to spend a study abroad semester in France:

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit the program websites listed above.

Language Prerequisites

All participants are required to take or audit the appropriate level of French in the semester directly preceding their study abroad in France as described above.

Selection Criterium

On the basis of an application and supporting documents, a selection committee judges each applicant to determine motivation, readiness, and academic preparation for this study abroad experience.  Qualified candidates will be invited to interview with the French language faculty.  If accepted, students must then complete the application materials for the overseas institution.

A series of mandatory orientation meetings (one weekend and possibly other meetings) are held in the spring semester prior to departure.


Students may choose from either fall or spring semesters or majors may apply for the year.


Besides French language, students choose from a wide array of electives at each site. AUCP in Aix requires a community service project.


Students will stay with host families for a full immersion in the French language.

Students abroad often complain that they don't have enough opportunity to make friends outside the American student group. At the AUCP, by the end of their first week of study, students meet their language partners, a French student or young professional currently studying English for career or personal goals. At the very least, this two-hour conversation exchange (one hour French, one hour English) gives each student a chance to chat with another language learner sensitive to the frustrations of mastering a new language. And if the chemistry is right, friendships develop which grow into networks of local contacts and dinner invitations and camping trips and concerts

Other Information

Email a Linfield student who participated in this program.

Download PDF of Program Brochure

Download PDF of Information Packet