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Semester Abroad in Australia

Picture with a runaway wallaby ceremony Exploring historic Aboriginal sites in Kakadu National Park. Hiking around the gorge of Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park just outside Darwin, Australia.


Walk the rain forest and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef! Australia's natural beauty is talked about worldwide. This ancient land is geologically one of the oldest on earth. The world's largest island and the only nation to occupy an entire continent, Australia is the size of the USA, yet has only 20 million people.

Linfield students may choose between two universities: James Cook University with two campuses and Deakin University with three locations.


Students with diverse majors may enroll in a wide variety of regular classes. Hundreds of subjects are available for you to choose from, including areas as diverse as coral reef ecology, rain forest science, indigenous Australian studies, digital arts, media arts, sport and exercise science, and liberal arts, just to name a few! Most locations also offer field trips and excursions available upon sign up. All are located on the eastern and southeastern coastal areas.


The academic year in Australia is the reverse of the USA. The first semester runs from approx. February 1st to mid-June, and the second semester from approx. July 5th to mid- November. Check websites for exact dates.

Selection Criterium

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the
time of application is required for all University locations in Australia.


Students stay in University arranged housing, and prepare their own meals.

Other Information

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