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Semester/Year Abroad Programs for Linfield Students

Snow in Japan

Apart from getting a deeper and more profound understanding of a different culture, a semester abroad provides skills and outlooks that are valued in today’s competitive workplace, whether it is the acquisition of a second language or the attainment of a perspective that is receptive and sensitive to cross-cultural traditions and differences.

Semester Abroad Resources

Semester Abroad Programs

For additional questions, please contact the International Programs Office, Walker Hall (Suite 120) or call (503) 883-2222. Email:

Every student who goes to Linfield College needs to study abroad. It’s a once in a life time opportunity that will change the way life is lived. I have come out a better person with real world knowledge just by living in a country completely different than my own. Having a wide range of knowledge about other parts of the world can only benefit one’s life."

- Daniel Hellinger

Studying abroad is amazing. It IS NOT easy. But, despite pangs of homesickness and the
embarrassment that comes with tripping repeatedly over a language and culture barrier—which means
the almost-constant feeling that even if no one corrects you, you’re still not doing it right, whatever ‘it’
may be—jumping into life here and investing the time I have is absolutely worth it.
- Lexy Chapman

“All people are the same; only their habits differ”. I couldn’t agree more and studying abroad is one of the best ways to truly understand this message.
Savannah Fellers