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January Term Abroad

MLSP/HIST-298  Cityscapes & Cultural Encounters: Andalusian Spain and Morocco

The main goal of this course is to introduce students to two extremely diverse regions of the Mediterranean: Morocco, sitting in the western end of the African continent and Spain, its neighbor to the north. Throughout their history both regions have had significant contact with each other, as well as with other foreign entities. Both were colonies during the Roman period, and thereafter experienced significant cross-cultural interaction. In the 19th century during the period of colonial expansion, Spain and France played a major role in shaping modern Morocco. In the Spanish cities of Toledo, Córdoba and Granada, we will focus on the legacy the Arabs and Moors left during their occupation of the Iberian peninsula: their political institutions, arts, and monuments. In Moroccan cities such as Tetouan, Tangiers and Fes, we will study the remnants of Andalusian culture and the emergence of a modern Moroccan society focusing on the rich cultural tapestry formed by the various groups that have played a role in the region: Arabs, Berbers, Jews, Subsaharan Africans, as well as Spanish & French colonists. The course fulfills requirements for VP and GP Linfield curriculum designations as it provides a rich field based experience that will elicit critical and insightful analysis of cultural, social and historical phenomena across various time periods. In particular, the course will examine the role of the city in the formation of cultural and political identity, the dynamics and impacts of cross-cultural exchange, and the continuity between past historical events and current issues surrounding migration and the flow of diverse cultures between the southern Mediterranean and North Africa.

Prerequisite: Fall semester prior to JT'15 departure, students will be required to enroll and participate in the IDST 098 Orientation to International Study (1 credit).

Faculty: Professor Sonia Ticas

Fees: Program Fee: $5000 Estimated Air: $1600
Credits: 4
LC: GP or VP

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