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Jan Term Program Application, Fees and Notes

*** Students: please share all this information, particularly that which pertains to costs, with your parents before making a decision to apply.

Jan Term '17 Information Sessions

Portland campus:  Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016; 12-1pm presentation overview of all the JT '17 off-campus courses, location TBA.  We encourage all Linfield students applying for JT ‘17 to get their applications to the IPO on MAC campus well before Friday, Feb. 19. However, as not to create a hardship on the PDX students, they can turn in their completed applications to Student Life (1st Floor of Loveridge Hall) and they will Fed-Ex those applications to our office by no later than noon on Friday, Feb. 19.

McMinnville campus: Wednesday, February 10 and Tuesday, Feb. 16 at a table in the foyer of Dillin Hall during dinner time, 5-7pm.

Costs NOT included in the January Term Program Fee

  • Cost of meals before departure, during and after the program; however, a few group meals may be included in the Program Fee.
  • Students should plan on spending an additional $600-$900 for on-site meals and personal expenses, depending on location (this range was provided by past participants).
  • For Jan Term 2017 courses, a per credit fee of $235 per credit is charged; off-campus courses are 4 credits.
  • A $500 deposit is due once accepted.  This will be applied as a credit when Jan Term costs are billed on the first week of December.
  • Costs associated with passports and visa fees are the responsibility of each student. Linfield will help facilitate the visa processes and students' accounts will be charged accordingly.
  • Passport copies for international courses and drivers' license copies for domestic courses will be due no later than May 1, 2017. If copies are not turned in on-time, participation in a JT'17 off-campus program will be jeopardized. See Student Agreement Form in the application for details.  Passports must be valid at least until August, 2017.
  • Withdrawals after May 1, 2017 will result in full penalty of both the land and air. See Student Agreement Form in the application for details: section 1, C-4.
  • Airfare: Linfield will pay the cost of the student's first round-trip air transportation from Portland, for eligible, tuition-paying, students. Please see the current college catalog for details.  Estimated airfares are listed for each course for students who do not qualify for the subsidy provided by the College.
  • Applications must be typed, downloading the fillable form. Hand-written applications will not be accepted.

    Hard copy applications are NOT available in the IPO.

    Note:  JT'18 courses will be announced by February 1, 2017.  Applications will be due February 17, 2017.

  • For Jan Term, please indicate your first, second and third choices. Students not accepted to their first choice for a Jan Term course will automatically have their applications forwarded to the professor leading their second or third choice, depending on course enrollment.