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January Term/Semester/Year Abroad Programs

Jan Term in Southeast Asia

Linfield College believes that providing its students with a strong global perspective, both in on-campus learning and in study abroad experiences, is critical in a world that is interconnected and shaped by new challenges. The College provides all students, regardless of major or discipline, the opportunity for life-transforming jan term, semester or year-long experiences in over 30 locations around the world.

See an inside view of Linfield students in Cameroon during Jan Term.

Opportunities to study abroad for a semester or year through Linfield College

Apart from getting a deeper and more profound understanding of a different culture, a semester abroad provides skills and insights that are valued in today’s competitive workplace, whether it is the acquisition of a second language or the attainment of a perspective that is receptive and sensitive to cross-cultural traditions and differences.

To bolster this commitment, Linfield requires all language majors to spend a year abroad at a location approved by the college, while language minors, international business, intercultural communication and anthropology majors must spend a semester abroad.

To further augment Linfield’s support of and commitment to international study, the College pays the round trip air fare from Portland International Airport to the destination of the student’s first study abroad experience. In addition, if a student’s major or minor requires a study abroad component (semester or year), the College will pay for the second round trip air fare.For students on year-long programs, if changes to the return portion of the journey are necessary, Linfield will cover up to a maximum of $250 for one ticket alteration per course of study. 


Language majors are encouraged to speak with the faculty representatives in their target language early in their Linfield career about this study abroad requirement. Information on specific program sites approved by the college is also available in the International Programs Office (Melrose 025). Faculty representing various sections of the Modern Languages Department, along with the International Programs, will nominate students to appropriate programs approved by the college.  Cost arrangements may vary by location and type of program selected and approved by the College.

 I originally thought I was coming to Japan with the main purpose of improving my Japanese language skills.  While that is still a very important goal, I’m beginning to discover that really getting to know the culture is important, too.  From there, it’s not even just the Japanese culture I’m getting to know.  I’ve made friends with a lot of the other exchange students.  I love trying to pronounce Russian words with the Russian students, making dumplings with the girls from China, and joke about kangaroo boxing with the Australian student.  I love to tease the English students about their accent as they tease me about the American spellings and pronunciations of words.

I think this is why it’s so important to study abroad; you really can’t get to know the culture and the language truly unless you go out there and experience things from the source.  There are so many opportunities that I have here that I just don’t have in America.  I’m really excited to see what other exciting experiences Japan has in store for me."  Alex Dickey, '14