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Living on Campus

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Halls of residence are conveniently located on campus.
Each room has a variety of amenities including high-speed Internet access.
International students can develop friendships with American hall mates.
Each hall of residence has a Resident Advisor (RA) to help answer your questions.


Linfield provides food in Dillin Hall a central dining hall where three hot meals are served on weekdays and two hot meals are served on weekends.


Snacks are available during the day and into the night at the coffee shop Starbucks, and snack bar Catty Shack.


Comfortable and spacious, Nicholson Library is a great place to escape for quiet study.  Students can also reserve study rooms, individually or as a group.

"About the social life here, I love our small community. In one side, I get to know a lot of people as I see them again and again. And after a short of time, I became friends with some really nice guys around me."

Dung L., Vietnam

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