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English Language and Culture Program Faculty and Staff

Your ELCP Instructors:

  • are professional teachers of English to speakers of other languages.
  • have experience teaching overseas and in the U.S.
  • present at national and local conferences.
  • keep up-to-date with language learning technology, teaching methods, and research.
  • tailor courses to meet students’ language learning needs.
  • help students access Linfield’s learning resources.

Kevin Bowles

Kevin Bowles

Cook Hall 103

Education: B.A. Oregon State University; M.A. (TESOL) Portland State University

Professor Kevin Bowles graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communication from Oregon State University (OSU) in 1997 and received his master’s in teaching English to speakers of other languages from Portland State University in 2010. He taught argument and critical discourse and public speaking at OSU for four years, English communication at Katano High School in Osaka, Japan for three years, and ESL at Portland Community College for three years. He is interested in experiencing culture through travel; promoting self and community awareness; and teaching communication for cultural, political and social improvement.

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee

Cook Hall 105

Education: B.A. Hons. Portsmouth Polytechnic, U.K.; Diploma in Teaching English Overseas, Manchester University, U.K.; M.A. University of California Los Angeles

A member of the Linfield faculty since 1985, Professor Sandra Lee received her bachelor’s degree in French studies from Portsmouth Polytechnic in the United Kingdom. She is the co-author of several texts, including “Seeing the Big Picture: Exploring American Cultures on Film,” which uses popular films to illustrate aspects of various cultures, such as African, Chinese, Mexican and Muslim American cultures. Prior to coming to Linfield, Professor Lee taught in China and in many European countries. Her work focuses on creating opportunities for U.S. and international students to learn from each other, both in and outside the classroom. Professor Lee’s academic interests include intercultural communication and second language acquisition, and in fall 2012, she went on sabbatical to study international communication on campus.

Wendy Sagers

Wendy Sagers

Cook Hall 102

Education: B.Ed., M.Ed. University of Washington

Professor Wendy Sagers has been teaching in the English Language and Culture Program at Linfield since 2002. She graduated with her bachelor of education degree in biology, science and math from the University of Washington in 1990. Prior to coming to Linfield, she taught secondary math, science and ESL in Washington and California for seven years, and English conversation in Japan for two. Professor Sagers is specifically interested in using technology, expanding vocabulary and promoting cultural awareness to enhance learning.